Opposition needs to show political maturity: Minister

ISLAMABAD, Sep 19 (APP):Punjab Information, Culture, Industries & Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal on Thursday said Pakistan’s leadership was determined to make a corruption free country and took concrete steps in this regard, adding, opposition must appreciate the PM’ s loyalty and should come forward to eliminate menace of the corruption.

Talking to a private news channel he said opposition parties had nothing to stand against the government moreover no mega scandal of corruption was surfaced against the PTI government. While the leaders of previous governments were confining in jail on corruption charges and the leadership of PTI would not spare its own members if they found guilty in any corruption.

He said PML-N and PPP while remaining in power for a decade in federal and Punjab governments indulged in massive corruption and their ministers also became front-men for their corruption.

Replying to a question he said opposition needed to show political maturity and cooperation with national institutions for smooth running of the system rather to halt its working as National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had sent notices to Syed Khursheed Shah for appearing before it regarding serious allegations of corruption but he had shown reluctance in this regard.

Opposition should stop this practice as accountability across the board process was carrying out against corrupts and looters without any discrimination.

He said protests and sit-ins over non-issues were the oppositions tactics to halt the government from focus to address the national issue.

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