Over 750 people arrested across Russia for protesting against Ukraine invasion

Mar 13, 2022: More than 750 people have been arrested in cities across Russia in protest of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, now in its third week.

Independent monitoring group OVD-Info said police had arrested at least 756 people during protests in 37 Russian cities – about half of them in the Russian capital, Moscow.

OVD-info website has reported more than 14,000 arrests in anti-war operations, according to its website. More than 170 of them have been remanded in custody.

The Kremlin on March 4 passed a law criminalizing independent reporting of war and anti-war demonstrations, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Some of the riot police had the letter “Z” in the colours of the Russian flag on their helmets, the AFP reporter said. The letter, seen on Russian tanks in Ukraine, has become a symbol of support for what Moscow calls its “special military operation” to “denazify” Ukraine.

The city’s central Nevsky Avenue was closed off by police, with a dozen police vans parked along the road. According to AFP, several journalists were also detained.

A protester, Kristina, dressed in a yellow hat and blue jacket, said she was “expressing her protest” by wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Last weekend, the police arrested more than 5000 protesters in Russia.

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