Pakistan Democratic Movement ideology: Is PDM having eight shades of political Ideologies?

Lahore, 15th June: Our media is always occupied with emotive conversation over the arrangement and intentions of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). In fact, it’s a coalition of different political parties and their gatherings addressing different shades of political philosophies and ideologies.

The objective of PDM is to support the conspiracy theory that the 2018 Pakistani general election, which was won by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

The PDM’s slogan is ‘vote ko izzat do’, ‘honor the vote’.

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However, Imran Khan’s government says that the movement is motivated by a series of corruption cases against the leaders of the political parties that had previously governed Pakistan, namely the PML-N and the PPP.

PDM always addressed the same ideology of different political parties under democratic movement but for us, the PMLN being a single big party vision is clear to ensure the prosperity of Pakistan under United chartered of Pakistan with their objectives.

PDM’s aim is to fulfill its promise to the people of Pakistan to transparently share the primary aims of its platform. There are 12 points of the united parties of PDM of the charter as follows :

  • Enforcement and supremacy of the Constitution of Pakistan
  • Autonomy of Parliament
  • Elimination of the security establishment and intelligence agencies from the political process
  • Establishment of an independent judiciary
  • Electoral reforms to ensure free, independent and fair polls
  • Protection of basic human and democratic rights of people
  • Protection of the rights of the provinces, and the 18th Amendment
  • Implementation of an effective local government system
  • Protection of freedom of expression and an independent media
  • Elimination of extremism and terrorism
  • Introduction of an emergency economic plan to end inflation, unemployment, and alleviate poverty
  • Protection and implementation of the Islamic provisions of the Constitution

PML-N clarified that there are no differences within the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and all parties share the same ideology. All political parties having the same interest goal with the same ideology and the parties in the PDM have the same position.

As everyone knows that the future of the popular opposition alliance is uncertain in this, hence, the messy politics of Pakistan, the national political arrangement is supposed to be the other way round.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is trying its level best. The PDM groups together vary in size and influence but are really dominated by the Big Party  – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz – currently being steered on the ground by Maryam Nawaz.

It’s presumed that politics in Pakistan is a dirty thing. All competent class of PML-N community is in politics. All parties in the PDM are trying their best to perform and conduct parliamentary discussions.

Unfortunately, our legislature system is very weak. The implementation process and the efforts might be slow but the PDM real actors of the party are trying and fulfilling their own duties with honest means to achieve the goal of PDM.

Written by: Miss Samra Athar

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