Pakistan is on its way to becoming a great nation, PM Imran Khan

8:55:55 PM BEIJING, Feb 3 (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan was on its way to becoming a great nation when he had a conversation with the public via telephone on January 1.

He also said that every area in the country had a special quality that could be developed to its advantage. “In my opinion, Prime Minister Imran Khan has put forward a very important development concept, that is, various parts of Pakistan should develop their economy according to local conditions, stick to reality and scientific development, set reasonable development goals, fully tap the advantages of local resources, and formulate reasonable development strategy, so as to promote the all-round development of social economy,” Cheng Xizhong, visiting professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law and senior fellow of the Charhar Institute said in an article published by China Economic Net (CEN) on Wednesday.

He said there was an idiom in China that ‘those living on a mountain live off the mountain, those living near the water live off the water’. “It means that people should live and develop in whatever conditions they have in their places and should not rely on others. As long as people make unremitting efforts, they will have a life of plenty. “Ancient Chinese said that living in the mountains, people can get a source of life from the mountains because there are firewood, wild fruits and medicinal materials; living by water, people can get a living from the water because there are fish and salt in the water, and people can also live by ferry and shipping.

“Therefore, as long as people make good use of the natural resources around them, they can achieve economic development. At the same time, we should pay attention to sustainable development and avoid over-development. Therefore, while enjoying the benefits of landscapes, we should also know how to protect natural resources.” This is what Prime Minister Imran Khan had repeatedly emphasized recently – green development and scientific development, he added. Cheng Xizhong said in connection with the concept of economic independence and long-term planning and a series of other important ideas recently put forward by Prime Minister Imran Khan, “I feel increasingly that Pakistan seems to have found a development path suitable for its own national conditions”.

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