Pakistani actress obtains a permanent Saudi residency

Lahore, 3rd January: A Pakistani actress has been granted permanent residence in Saudi Arabia.

Baaghi TV: Pakistani actress Zara Albalushi, who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, recently obtained permanent residency.

Zara said she can now finally call the Kingdom forever home for herself.

39-years-old Riyadh-born Albalushi, who attended Saudi schools and speaks fluent Arabic, posted a photo of her Premium Residency Card (PRC) on her social media accounts on Dec. 14.

According to reports, Albalushi received the residency permit through a program launched by the Kingdom in 2019 under which eligible ex-pats can now apply for residency without being sponsored by a Saudi national, as was the previous rule.

In a tweet, Albalushi, who has been acting in Saudi Arabia since 2010, said: “Thanks for the trust and for granting me a distinguished residence. My happiness is beyond description. Living and investment in Saudi Arabia; I want to live and die in it.”

On Wednesday, she told Arab News of her gratitude toward the Kingdom and said she hoped to be a “worthy addition” to the Saudi arts and cinema scene.

Since 2019, Albalushi has starred in a number of Saudi and Gulf network television dramas including ‘Al-Mirath’ and ‘Hello, Hi’. She added that she was overjoyed at now being able to travel in and out of Saudi Arabia without restriction or the need for a visa.

“I have derived all my talent from the country and now today, and with the continuous developments in Saudi Arabia … under the leadership of the young prince, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — may God protect him — I can say it is my home forever,” she said.

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