Pakistani mango is world re-known for its high quality, taste and nutrition: PAM

RAWALPINDI, Mar 14 (APP): Punjab Minister for Agriculture Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi Sunday said that Pakistani mango was known around the world for its high quality, taste and nutrition.

He said while addressing the representatives of Mango Growers Association here . The minister said that the present government was using all available resources to provide possible facilities to mango growers, suppliers and exporters. Mango production in Pakistan is about 1.7 million tons and more than 110 varieties of mangoes are being produced. He pointed out that Punjab’s share in national mango production was about 77%.

The main mango growing districts in the Punjab province are Multan, Bahawalpur, Muzzaffargarh and Rahim yar Khan. In the province of Sindh, it mainly grows in Mir pur Khas, Hyderabad and Thatta and in the province of NWFP D.I Khan, Peshawar and Mardan are known for it.

Mango is the second most exported fruit from Pakistan mainly to Middle East, Iran, Germany, Japan, China and Hong Kong making its valuable contribution as an important foreign currency earning fruit crop, he maintained.

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