Pakistani Missiles Capable of Targeting Any Location in India, US Think Tank Report

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIC), an American think tank and a US defense analysis firm, gave a detailed analysis report on the entire range of Pakistan’s nuclear missiles.

Pakistan has made its missile technology a very crucial part of its defense strategy to counter the traditional military force of India. Pakistan’s arsenal consists primarily of mobile short and medium range ballistic missiles and, moreover, it is also making significant progress in its cruise missile technology.

According to the report of CSIC, Pakistan’s missile technology is capable of targeting any location in India, and is now working on more advanced technology such as multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRV) to counter India’s missile defense system. Pakistan has received a very significant technical support from China in its nuclear and missile programs, and evidence strongly suggests that both North Korea and Iran have cooperated with the development and expansion of these systems as well.

It should be noted that according to media reports, Pakistan’s missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. All Indian cities, including Delhi, Kolkata, Madras, Mumbai, are within the range of Pakistani missiles.

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