Pakistani rice being sold under “Made in India” tag in international markets

Pakistani rice being sold under “Made in India” tag in international markets #Baaghi

Jan 25, 2022: According to a report by German news outlet, DW, Pakistani rice traders are reportedly unhappy when they found out that Pakistani rice is being sold in the international market with the tag “Made in India”.

Speaking to the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW),  Khalil Ahmed, managing director of Chirag Group of Companies, said: “Indians in Muscat, Saudi Arabia and Dubai buy rice from us but sell it under their own brand and labeling.” Pakistan’s Rice Export Association has filed a lawsuit against Indian rice buying companies in an international court. But since the case is still pending in court, the association has refused to speak to DW on the matter.

Ahmed explained that the issue is not just about branding. He added that as a result of crop cultivation when farmers sow the seed, rice becomes scarce in the market, which naturally increases the price of rice. Once the crop has reached maturity, the farmer begins harvesting.

He lamented that 10% to 20% of paddy is broken during the reaping process due to a lack of modern equipment. Once the rice crop reaches the mills, the crop must be dried and husked, which requires more modern machinery. In addition to which, the rice breaks during the process and all of these factors add to the cost.

This year, Pakistan will export 36 million tonnes of rice to a lot of different countries, with basmati rice accounting for 20% of the total.

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