Pakistani Youtubers’ Mysterious Silence on Kashmir

While we are heading to an even more crucial state of bilateral relations between Pakistan and India on Kashmir conflict; the silence of Pakistani YouTubers is raising questions.

For their personal conflicts, like that occurred between Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees-Froggy Duo; all YouTubers jumped in and raised their voices against the wrong and right side of the story.

Then the issue that was raised between Shahveer Jaffery and Sham Idress-Froggy also had an equal if not even more outrage. Youtuber Zaid Ali who also broke links with Sham, led to the bonding with Ducky Bhai and eventually the Sham-Froggy scenario. In this conflict, even comedian turned YouTube stars like Taimoor aka Moru also participated.

Sham Idrees recently shared the good news of becoming parents the same way he always did, in a dramatic way, and we are happy for him but also sad as he has not spoken up for Kashmir.

[bs-quote quote=”Arslan Naseer, the man behind Comics by Arslan, has also zipped his lips on the matter; Bhai Wah but, for the criticism of every upcoming video, he is active.
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Ukhano who was recently defamed on the basis of harassment allegations, however, raised his voice for Kashmir and it is appreciated.

Ozzy Raja shares a comedy video every week. Mostly, his videos are based on the rights of a wife and we appreciate that, however, the right of humans in Kashmir are also ignored by this famous Youtuber. He also sometimes make video for any issue and tries to spread peace and love; but not for Kashmir yet.

They might get their views from millions to lakhs but may not lose the respect they are losing on this reason. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra openly supported her country even insulted the Pakistani girl who was questioning her and that is where, she got more power from her country. But these YouTubers with millions of subscribers and views, not to forget, a handsome amount of earning generated from their videos, are silent on the brutality and oppression by Indian forces in Kashmir.

India snubbed all the rights of Kashmir after its shameful act of scrapping Article 370. After the incident, curfew has been imposed and it still continues. The people in Kashmir are facing continuous torture, hunger and humiliation yet the silence of such people who have a huge fan following from India continued. Which is itself suspicious.

Shahveer Jaffery, after the long silence has managed to raise his voice. He tweeted a one-liner with no open statement.

However, it is a very major issue of the time with Ministers in India asking Hindu men to rape, torture and/or murder the Muslim women. The Ministers claim to having Kashmiri women. Kashmir’s daughters are being humiliated… while these YouTubers remain silent!

What a shame!

Nasir Khan Jan is much better than these YouTubers, at least he spoke sensibly and raised his questions to these ‘big’ yet ‘tiny’ YouTubers!


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