Pakistanis are happier than Indians: World Happiness Report 2023


It has been over ten years since the first World Happiness Report was published. And it is exactly ten years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/281, proclaiming 20 March to be observed annually as International Day of Happiness. Since then, more and more people have come to believe that our success as countries should be judged by the happiness of our people.

There is also a growing consensus about how happiness should be measured.

This consensus means that national happiness can now become an operational objective for governments.

Pakistanis have been the happier nation than India with a big margin on the latest World Happiness Report released on Monday.

The report, which is a publication of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, draws on global survey data from people in more than 150 countries. Countries are ranked on happiness based on their average life evaluations over the three preceding years, in this case 2020 to 2022.

Pakistan mired by a string of problems still ranked at 103 while India which is in much better shape stands at 136th place on World Happiness Index 2023.

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