PALPA Exposed !

Pilots unlike people from other occupations travel for multiple hours in their cockpits, away from home and endeavor continuous physical stress but they are highly paid and are granted luxuries for their service.

Pakistan among those few countries where not only their doctors and engineers but commercial pilots have gained name not just locally but have served best airlines around the globe and attained recognition internationally.For centuries pilots associated with this profession are either retired PAF officers or got the license from commercial flying club.


But today in the name of a fictitious organisation working for the rights of Pakistani pilots, has paralyzed the whole flight operation system.For many years PALPA with their traditional system of strikes, browbeating and political intervention has jeopardized our national interest.

It is wondered if there is any pilot organisation in the world like PALPA that has blackmailed national institutions , sometimes for salaries and amendment in terms and conditions through press conferences and press release.Corruption in flight operation, recruitment on fake degrees and recently flying on fake licenses this is including in the long list of shenanigans shown by these PALPA members.

PALPA’s office is located on an ammunition plot so they can get exemption for the taxes. They even organize commercial events in the same plot whereas it is a residential area.

Recently in the corona pandemic, on special flight operation they kept their personal interest in front. PIA has released a notification in which it has not only rejected this fictitious organisation but all other unions so that our airline can work for national interest without this never ended blackmailing.


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