PALPA requests government intervention in salary cut issue

Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (PALPA) has protested the salary cuts in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), calling it as an ‘unjust’ move by the administration.

According to the details, the pilots’ association has requested the Government of Pakistan to intervene into the matter after the recent 25 per cent salary cut in the PIA pilot salaries.

According to the PALPA, despite the coronavirus pandemic, the airline employees and crew members are providing their services after risking their own lives. This action by the PIA management is against the directives given by Prime Minister Imran Khan, PALPA added.

While discussing the matter, PALPA has demanded an the Prime Minister’s intervention in the matter and requested to resolve the matter in order to end the difficulties of the pilots.

Furthermore, the pilots’ association stated that the latest Admin Order No. 13/2020 dated October 27, 2020 showed the management’s vengeance in total violation of ICAO Annex-6 and ANO-V of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

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