Pandemic dilemma for COVID-19 patients in IOK

Srinagar, 8th April: Where the pandemic is wreaking havoc in the world, the people of Occupied Kashmir have to face a terrible plight in the hospitals where they are kept in quarantine.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the coronavirus patients in Kashmir are kept in dire conditions in isolation and the hospital authorities have provided them with a single washroom facility and one soap bar for 14 patients.

On the other hand, the health officials are claiming to provide the patients with the best facilities at the quarantine centres.

According to sources, the patients under treatment at SKIMS Hospital, Srinagar, have complained that the hospital administration is treating them like prisoners. According to the South Asian Wire, Srinagar’s largest hospital has no facilities for COVID- 19 patients. There is no proper food available for the patients.

One patient undergoing treatment in SKIMS  said there is only 1 soap for 14 patients. Tea is like cold water while there is no bread at all. The face masks for the patients don’t get to change daily. There is no proper system for heating at the hospital and even blankets are not available.

As per sources, there are currently more than 14 patients under treatment for which there are two bathrooms with non-functioning geysers for hot water. The same bathroom is reserved for 14 people and on asking a Rs 5 soap bar was given to them, which is being used by those 14 patients.

He said that upon entering the hospital, the patient is given a face mask and the same mask is used by the patients for one week.

With such poor conditions in the hospitals, how can we think of controlling a deadly disease? Basic health facilities should be provided to all the patients, especially at this time of a contagious pandemic looming on our heads.

Baaghi TV urges the citizens to stay safe and be considerate of others at this time of need.

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