Passengers Injured as Caspian Airlines Boeing 737 Landing Gear Collapses

A Caspian Airlines Boeing 737-400, registration EP-CAP, with 117 passengers and 9 crew, has suffered a gear collapse on landing at Isfahan’s runway 25R in Iran.

According to the details, the left main gear of the 29 years-old aircraft performing flight RV-6904 from Mashad to Isfahan collapsed on touchdown, causing the plane to veer to the right and exit the runway.

Passengers of a Caspian Airlines Boeing 737-400 have evacuated the aircraft by slides after it suffered a landing-gear accident at Isfahan, leading to five passengers being injured. Baaghi TV has learnt that 3 female passengers received minor injuries as result of the evacuation, 2 male passengers received serious injuries as result of the evacuation (leg fractures).

A spokesman for Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) explained the details of the Caspian Airlines 737-400 crash at Isfahan International Airport, saying: “One of the passengers on this flight was injured.”

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Reza Jafarzadeh in an interview with Tasnim News reporter, stated: “According to the initial report of the CAO, at 17:07 today, the Caspian Airlines plane had a technical defect on the Mashhad-Isfahan flight route.

He continued: “This Boeing 737 plane crashed due to a technical defect in one of the landing gear.”

Noting that the plane was damaged, he added: “The plane had 117 passengers, but fortunately, all the passengers are in perfect health, except for one passenger who was slightly injured during the evacuation.” Furthermore, he said that the Civil Aviation Authority’s accident investigation team was immediately sent to Isfahan to investigate the accident.

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Like many Iranian airlines, the Caspian Airlines fleet is entirely made up of older and obsolete aircraft. Alongside the -400s, it flies a pair of 737-500s, and five MD-82/83s, all of which are approaching or older than 30 years of age. Accompanying these are two 43-year-old 747-200Fs and a single 747-100SF aged an astounding 52.5 years old.

The problem for Iranian airlines is not only their inability to renew their fleets, but also the lack of supply of spare parts for the existing fleets already in the country.

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