People uniting against hate the world over

Lahore, 9th June: The killing of a Pakistani Muslim family in Canada is no doubt a barbarous act. It exceeds all proportions of barbarity. It is perceived that it may have occurred because of the seeds of contempt, prejudice and malice.

A very happy family which was run over with much audacity is heart-rending. We the Muslims condemn this horrific act with force. Any such action may be perceived as abominable, and despicable, the vibes that emanate from this cruelty are downright insane.

As humans, we are still divided against the faultlines of religion, sociology class differentiation and bigotry.

This cyclical manifestation of one’s angry feelings in terms of mayhem is a reminder of inequalities, injustices, apartheid and so on and so forth.

Let’s not give a destitute, or an underprivileged the reason to give vent to his emotions by inflicting harm upon other people. This is a chain reaction.

If left unchecked it may have a deadly impact. Snowball in hellfire. Let’s make the world a safe place to live, we will have to treat all as category one. Gone are the days of deep and distinct differentiation on the basis of caste, creed, or a person’s financial status.

The murderer should be apprehended and brought to justice.

We are still being looked down upon despite the clarifications and sacrifices that we get by fighting proxy wars for the western powers. Isn’t it enough? How many more lives will go to the altar of sacrifice?

The foreign minister in Canada must act swiftly to douse the seeming conflagration that may engulf their country. That hatred against the blacks is still on the rise. It is not letting up.

This anti-sentiment against the blacks is much deep-rooted, be it a police officer in the US or a white truck driver in Canada. The mentality is still the same.

We condemn all such acts at home and consider minorities as our own.

Prime Minister Trudeau is a compassionate prime minister. He definitely has an international appeal.

There is a great number of Muslim immigrants in Canada who voted for Trudeau. He must rise to the occasion and stop the seeming conflagration which may engulf countries in general and Canada in particular.

Time to act wisely just like the way Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand acted. This phenomenon of killings based on racial differences should not go unabated. The racial and religious polarisation must end now.

Don’t let this phenomenon spiral into something deadlier as this gory drama has shaken the Muslims of the world to the core.

As I pen my words, I hear on the TV that French President Macron has been hit. I regret that. But if you consider for a moment what I said earlier, the unprovoked killings of innocent people, be it any part of the world, trigger such ignominious act of manhandling, prime minister handling to be exact.

We must cognizant of such situations. For Mr. Trudeau, the best course of action is to eulogies with the bereaved, just like Jacinda Ardern who won the hearts of the millions world over.

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