Peshawar Blast: Celebs express their grief and outrage


Lahore, 28th October: Celebrities in Pakistan have come forward and expressed their grief on the Peshawar Blast that took place yesterday.

BaaghiI TV: Condemning the blast at a madrassa on Kohat Road in Peshawar yesterday, showbiz artists expressed their condolences to the victims through messages on social media, declaring the blast to one of the worst tragedies in Pakistan’s history after the APS Attack in 2014. 

A blast at a madrassa in Dir Colony area of ​​Peshawar killed 8 people including children and injured 110. Sadly, the blast took place at a time when a large number of children were receiving religious education.

While the political personalities and public expressed their grief over the blast at the madrassa, the showbiz celebrities also expressed grief on their social media accounts.

Singer and actor Ali Zafar lamented in his tweet that the terrorist attack on a madrassa in Peshawar was reminiscent of the Army Public School tragedy, both of which cannot be forgotten.

Actor Feroze Khan wrote, “My heart goes out for the people affected in #Peshawarblast and their families. May Allah ease their pain in this battle.”

Humayun Saeed shared on his Twitter handle, “Deeply saddened to learn about the terrorist attack in Peshawar madrassa. The mind is numb at the thought of our children bleeding again. The unfathomable loss for the families… Lots and lots of prayers for the victims. May Allah protect us from all evil.”

‘Prem Gali’ famed actor Farhan Saeed expressed, “At a loss of words! May the martyrs of the #DirColony tragedy rest in eternal peace. My thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved families and the injured.”

Actress Ayeza Khan wrote, “Extremely saddened about hearing the #PeshawarBlast. Hope the situation recovers soon. My condolences & thoughts with the people who’ve suffered.”

Actor and host Faysal Quraishi shared the pictures from the scene and asked for mercy from Allah.

Actress Mehwish Hayat wrote, “My condolences with those who’ve lost loved ones in #Peshawar today. I have only one question to ask those that perpetrated this hideous act. Why? What did you achieve by killing & maiming so many innocent victims? What f**ked up cause are you fighting for? Nothing justifies killing!”

Actress Maya Ali also condemned the act saying, “Smallest coffins are undoubtedly the heaviest! I shudder to even think of the heartbreaking and heart-wrenching plight of families that have lost loved ones in #DirColony tragedy – praying they find strength, somehow.”

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