PIA gets permission for more flights to KSA

PIA achieves yet another milestone

Lahore, 18th September: Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has sought permission from the Saudi administration for 28 more flights.

PIA had started booking for Saudi Arabia on September 15 after the permission was granted. PIA was limited to 23 flights a week due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the huge rush on bookings, PIA has sought permission from the Saudi administration for 28 more flights. Permits are expected in one to two days. Later flight operations will be expanded.

PIA announces flight operations to Saudi Arabia

The PIA administration is in constant touch with the Saudi authorities in this regard. More flights have been prepared and will be available for booking as soon as permission is granted.

Meanwhile, Minister for Civil Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan has submitted a written reply in the National Assembly stating that the closure of PIA flight operation on the European sectors caused a loss of Rs 280 million and revenue of Rs 1.41 billion instead of Rs 1.69 billion.

IATA completes its Operational Audit of PIA

PIA suffered this loss from July to August 2020, made a profit of Rs 52 crore on the UK sector, hired a Maltese company to operate flights between the UK and Pakistan, and has so far operated four round-trip charter flights to the UK.

The written reply further said that the UK sector earned Rs 5.81 billion in revenue as against Rs 5.31 billion.

PIA has started flights to Canada, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

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