PIA in crisis, PALPA threatens to protest

Karachi, 5th  November: PIA is in crisis again, PALPA has threatened to protest and resign.

According to reports, an important meeting of Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (PALPA) was held on November 3 in which major decisions were taken. 

According to sources, PALPA’s decision by the PIA administration through Admin Order No. 13/2020 and 15/2020 to further reduce the salaries of pilots by 25% and reduce the hours of guaranteed flights is pure injustice.

PALPA has directed the resignation of its members serving as administrative and executive pilots. The meeting of the General Body of PALPA was attended by 91 members of the Association.

The proceedings of the meeting began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. In this important meeting, a resolution was unanimously passed against the admin orders. According to the spokesperson, the admin orders issued by the PIA would make the work environment unsafe for the pilots.

PALPA has decided to challenge the PIA’s admin orders in court and also refrain from cooperating with the administration. The pilots will continue to protest peacefully, adhering to the Aviation Orders and Safety Regulations formulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

If the decision of the General Body of the PIA Management and Executive Pilots Association is not complied with, their action will be considered as misconduct under Article of the PALPA Constitution and it will be deemed that such members Working against the interests of the association and its fellow pilots. All instructors and standard instructors will also voluntarily give up their supervision if required.

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