Planting a tree today saves our future generation

Lahore, 9th August: This year plant a tree and invest in your future generation.

According to a Baaghi TV report, renowned journalist and anchorperson of Pakistan Mubasher Lucman tweeted that he would plant a tree this year and invest in improving the future of his children.

A clean and transparent environment is the only guarantee of a healthy life. We owe it to future generations.

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It is to be noted that “One Day Plantation Drive” has started across the country today. Under this program, 3.5 million saplings will be planted in a day.

The mission to make Pakistan green and free from pollution has started. The Prime Minister has invited the nation to participate in the tree-planting campaign.

Tree Plantation Drive Started

Imran Khan said that Pakistan is on the list of countries most affected by climate change, so tree-planting is very important and indispensable to deal with.

The Prime Minister said that he himself will take part in the tree-planting campaign, and our target is to plant 10 billion trees by 2023.

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