PM Khan reiterates to follow the life of our Prophet PBUH

Lahore, 30th Ooctober: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the National Rehmat-ul-Ulameen Conference is very important.

Baaghi TV: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that people, especially the youth, do not know the status of the Holy Prophet. Allah Almighty has commanded us to follow the Life of the Prophet for our own benefit. His greatness can be gauged by studying. People became leaders after seeing the Holy Prophet. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we did not think ahead so the world is stuck in problems, not thinking about the coming generations are facing climate change, global warming in our region has very bad effects.

If we do not control the situation the water in our rivers will be reduced. Man has ruined the environment with his own hands. 

PM Imran Khan further said that our Prophet’s achievements are a part of history, Allah Almighty has given the message of the betterment of humanity in the Qur’an.  So we have to educate the people especially the youth about the biography of the Prophet, the most successful man than Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa.

Studying the life of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa will change your life. Unless Muslim countries unite and talk about Islamophobia, it will increase.

Premier said that we also talked about Islamophobia in the OIC meeting. Our relationship with the Holy Prophet can’t be understood by the people in Europe.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that no one in Europe dares to speak out against the Holocaust.

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