PM Khan says bringing a National Policy for Agriculture sector.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says we are bringing a national policy for Agriculture sector and we have asked China for co-operation in this sector. He said, China has excelled in the field of agriculture and their crops are more productive than ours. He said, per acre yield of China is three times more than of Pakistan. He said, in the livestock sector China’s livestock is far better than others and we need to learn from them.

While talking about State Owned Enterprises, he said we are bringing a plan too revamp those loss incurring state owned enterprises. He said four investors have expressed their interests in restructuring Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM). Similarly, we are co=operating with Chinese in Railway Sector and we have signed ML-1 project with them. He said, in the past 70 years not a single initiative had been taken to bring a change in this sector but our government will change that.

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