PM Summoned National Security Council Meeting Today

Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned a meeting of the National Security Council today. The meeting will be discussing the deteriorating situation of Indian occupied Kashmir and an important decision can also be made, according to reports.

The meeting chaired by the Prime Minister will be attended by the political and military leadership of the country. The Federal Cabinet meeting called by the Prime Minister is postponed till Friday.

This will be the second NSC meeting in four days. The last meeting was held on August 4 to discuss India’s use of cluster ammunition to target the civilian population on the Pakistani side of Kashmir.

According to sources in Islamabad, a possible response from Pakistan will be discussed in view of the threats made by India in this important meeting called by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

It should be remembered that India has changed the status of Kashmir by amending Article 370 and made it a part of their country.

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