PM’s Speech at UNGA Representation of a Revolutionary

I think the best ever speech made by any of our representatives in the UNGA so far.

It covered all aspects of a relevant speech. A fearless man with a lot of courage. By relevance I mean a wide range of issues which have touched the heart of every listener particularly Muslims of the subcontinent and almost every other Muslim around the globe.

From Pakistan’s point of view, it was not a speech with a hyperbolic rhetoric.

He spoke like a humane leader. More like a revolutionary. A flawless diplomat with an unshakeable resolve.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Previously we have had firebrand speakers lile Castro, Col. Gafdafi, Arafat, Hugo Chavez.

Adresseing UNGA during the past years highlighting the unjust behaviour of the US in a push to bring peace at home, in their respective countries. Imran Khan’s address has shook the world.

Clearly, it has unmasked the role played by the western powers, their role which is seen as attributable in radicalising the suppressed Muslims transformed into suicidal bombers.

He helped explain the psyche behind islamophobia. A message which sunk in deep. He has beautifully laid out the Kashmir problem on the table. The problem which has been internationalized.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Even before the speech, Trump sounded pliant in a meeting with his counterpart Imran Khan where he openly addressed India to lift up the curfew.

The remarks by Christiana Amanpour is an eye opener for the world at large. She says India is not just the India of yogis, there is far more to it than what meets the eye. Modi clearly is a proponent of fascist ideology many in India are even feeling the heat, 8 million captives in IOK with 9 million troops.

Almost one soldier deployed for every single kashmiri UN has documented a litany of barbaric repression on the poor residents in kashmir.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

It is now the 56th day of continuous siege. They are being constantly persecuted. Boxed in like animals. Who are subjected to an interminable siege.

Amidst this crisis, we don’t see any relief coming so quick. In my opinion we have to first build Pakistan. Not the Pakistan which has its economic woes, where inflation is in the stratosphere.

A prosperous Pakistan means where we have no corruption, where money is no longer laundered. Where the principles of justice hold. We adhere to the changing trends vis a vis change in the climate at home level.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

The US has its own interests. A prosperous Pakistan guarantees the prosperity in Kashmir. Crisis is too important an event to waste. We have to unite nationally and use our geo strategic position to invite international attention to further the cause of a strong and a self reliant Pakistan.

The only way to avoid a blood bath in Kashmir after the curfew is lifted is to break this inertia. It is essentially important to work out a perennial solution towards the freedom of the people of Kashmir. The fundamental point of any democracy is plausibly a free and fair election which has to hold in any eventuality.


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