Police allegedly tortured the police, tried to abduct, murder threats, what happened when it was said?

The suspicion of friendship with the wife, the local judge has allegedly put a bankruptcy blow over the police by police.

According to a Baaghi television report, a teenager has been severely tortured in Rawalpindi. Who has been apprehended for the case in the police station in Thana Peer Bahari. It is said that in the Rawalpindi area of ​​Punjab, Tbilisi used to work in the private bank,six months ago, the wife of the local judge opened the account in Bangkok and took the phone number from Tayyip. There was always a conversation between the two. Justice Tariq suspected that his wife has bad relations with bank employees. The judge on which the allegedly abducted the young man with two policemen and other people and hanged the wings with severe wounds. In the West West, in front of the army public school, the villagers were tortured by leather straps, were shocked by electric, made video by wandering and tried to abusive sexual abuse. According to the statement of the tortured, violence was done due to a local judge and its parents were threatened to leave the country and all the bullets would be killed. SHAHA PESHAWAR SHOULD SHAH Raja,Abdul Rashid Has refused to talk to the media in that case 

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