Positive activities can help youth stay away from narcotics: President

KARACHI, Dec 31 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday stressing measures to control drug abuse said diverting energies of youth towards positive and healthy activities could help control the menace.

Addressing an event to destroy narcotics by setting piles on fire, the president said the use of drugs not only ruined the individuals but the entire families also.

The societies that preferred money over moral values eventually faced a decline, he added.

President Alvi expressed concern over the young generation getting trapped in new and different kinds of narcotics and called upon the parents to keep vigilance on their children.

He called the need for hitting at the supply chain of drugs for an effective narcotics control.

Poor law and order situation in Karachi in previous years gave rise to illegal trade of drugs, he added.

The president mentioned that the United States was spending billions of dollars on narcotics control.

He said the role of religious leaders was important in providing guidance on social issues.

The platform of mosques could be used in disseminating social service messages, he added.

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