PPP leader demands the postponement of Cambridge exams

Lahore, 4th April: Amid an alarming number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan and school closures, students have been urging the Federal Minister for Education to cancel all types of exams in the country.

According to Baaghi TV’s report, in this regard, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) provincial leader has also requested the authorities to take notice of the current situation and decide accordingly.

PPP’s Naeem Khan Omerzai has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff (CAOS) to take a wise decision regarding the upcoming exams by the Cambridge Education System. He said that the government should take notice of the unrest among parents and students who will be giving their CAIE exams in the next month.

According to the reports, the PPP leader pointed out that the authorities in the Cambridge Education System board had postponed exams throughout the world but the Pakistani government is bent upon taking examinations from students, putting their education career at risk.

He added that due to the situation of the pandemic in the country, the students were neither able to take their classes nor have been able to prepare themselves for the upcoming exams that are due in May for both A and O Levels.

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