Prayers for Donald Trump in Delhi by Hindu Sena

Mumbai, 3rd November: Indians have carried out worship for the victory of the US President Donald Trump in the elections.

According to a Baaghi TV report, Hindus in India have started praying for Trump’s victory.

Extremist Hindus and the Modi government have been candidates for Trump’s victory from the very beginning. No doubt the Indians have a soft spot for Trump.

It can be clearly seen from the tweet shared from the Twitter page of Sidhant Sibel who had posted the images from a worship gathering by Hindu Sena party, and it is being said that they will distribute sweets if Trump wins in the elections.

It should be noted that the US elections are taking place today. Both the rivals worked hard to win the trust of the people. In Pennsylvania and Michigan, Biden and Donald Trump addressed their supporter.

The field for the US presidential election has been set today, with fierce competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. More than 100 million Americans have exercised their right to vote, setting a new record for early voting in the United States.

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