Privileges granted to the US President

Washington, 3rd November: What are the concessions granted by the state to the President of the United States.

Baaghi TV: US elections are taking place today, both rivals have worked hard to win the trust of the people. In Pennsylvania and Michigan, Biden and Donald Trump addressed their supporters.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are expected to face off in the US presidential election today. More than 100 million Americans have exercised their right to vote, setting a new record for early voting in the United States.

The US system of government is bound by the Constitution. The United States Constitution is the world’s oldest and most fully written form. The system of government consists of the Congress, the Upper House, and the House of Representatives, which oversees everything from legislation to state affairs.

The president of the United States gets four million dollars per month in the form of an annual salary. Incentives and facilities are in addition to the monthly salary. Privileges are granted to the President of the United States even after the end of the office.

Two Boeing 747s are used by the president, called the Air Force One. The plane has an office, bedroom and gym in a special apartment for the president. The plane also has an operating theatre and a doctor. The plane also has 85 telephones and 19 TVs. The president has a special Marine One helicopter, which is used for short trips. The US President uses a limousine.

The Ground Force Black Armored Bus is used to transport the President and other important domestic and foreign figures. The residence of the US President is inside the White House. Camp David has a special residence for the President of the United States, where the President goes on important meetings and holidays.

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