Protestors Burn Modi’s Effigy Against Rahul Gandhi’s Disqualification


India: Wayanad on Saturday witnessed strong protests, including the burning of an effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Congress workers and its youth and student wings, over the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as an MP who represented the constituency.

Congress leaders, including MLA T Siddique, who were part of the protest march to the office of BSNL in Kalpetta in Wayanad, were by force removed from the site and carried away by the police to their bus.

Besides them, several Youth Congress (YC) and KSU leaders were also arrested and removed from the protest site.

The leaders and workers of the party and its youth and student wings, after marching to the BSNL office had sat down on the road in front of it, which led to the blocking of traffic movement, according to visuals aired on TV channels.

Some YC workers were also seen climbing over police barricades into the BSNL office compound.

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