PTI faces difficulty in the KP local body elections

PTI faces difficulty in the KP local body elections

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Wednesday tickets won’t be granted based on partiality and pay off in future as PTI confronted a significant difficulty in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa local body surveys because of “uncouth” individuals.

The state leader’s remarks came during a gathering with Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan, where the region’s boss introduced a report on why the party endured misfortunes in the local body surveys, sources said.

The chief had called CM Khan to introduce a report on the PTI’s loss during the decisions in the area, featuring the reasons that lead to the party’s disappointment.

Sources said that the report referenced the administrators who didn’t uphold the party during the surveys, distribution of party tickets for the decisions, and different issues.

The report credited the loss of PTI in the primary period of the races to “bungle” and that “laborers of a similar party challenged decisions against one another.”

Sources additionally added that the report referred to “customary governmental issues and genetic issues” as explanations for the loss in the nearby body races, adding that the dissemination of party tickets was likewise a purpose for PTI’s disappointment.

As indicated by the report, the helpless determination of competitors prompted conflicts between party laborers; subsequently the party wasn’t joined during the primary period of the decisions.

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