PTI leaders affirms govt’s commitment against corruption

ISLAMABAD, Dec 30 (APP): Senior leaders Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Monday affirmed their government’s commitment against corruption saying fighting corruption, money laundering and across-the-board accountability were the main planks of PTI government’s manifesto.

Imran Khan’s government is giving top priority to the pledge to fight corruption while being committed to fulfilling other promises made in the last general election, PTI leaders said while speaking in a Radio program.

Meanwhile, they also rapped the opposition for ‘trying to teach’ the government on how to administer the country when they themselves had failed to practice what they preached when they were in power.

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul said ,“We all need to take action to improve transparency and accountability and to build confidence that our institutions and systems are corruption-free”.

Eradication of corruption is the top most priority of PTI’s mandate, she said, adding, the opposition parties should cooperate with incumbent government to make Pakistan a corruption free land.

Zartaj said corruption is the biggest hurdle in the development of the country.

Previous governments did not take appropriate steps to eliminate corruption, she added.

She regretted that unfortunately political bigwigs are involved in money laundering, adding, PTI led government is committed to pursue transparent accountability and make appropriate amendments to ensure effective functioning of the institutions.

All the institutions should work in their specific domains, she advised adding, opposition parties should avoid unnecessary criticism.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan also said Imran Khan’s government would not allow any political influence on the institutions and justice should be served at any cost.

PTI has come with an agenda of law supremacy and transparent accountability, he said adding, no political affiliation would save any political bigwig.

No corrupt leader would be able to enjoy any favor on the basis of political affiliation, he mentioned.

Ali Muhammad said PTI led government is always ready to welcome all positive suggestions from the opposition for transparent accountability.

It is need of the hour to strengthen our anti-corruption institutions and make effective reforms for their better performance, he added.



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