Rabi Pirzada launches her ‘Abaya’ brand

Former singer Rabi Pirzada, who left showbiz for the sake of Islam and is now living her life according to religious teachings, has introduced her ‘Abaya’ brand.

BaaghiTV: Rabi Pirzada started painting and artwork after saying goodbye to showbiz and she keeps sharing photos and videos of her artwork on social media. She was also seen performing Naat recently.

Rabi Pirzada, along with some other people, had introduced a website called ‘Chhoti Si Baat’. Later, Rabi had also introduced a welfare organization under her own name, where she helps poor families and women.

Rabi Pirzada started the foundation in January 2021,through which more than 2,000 families have been helped so far, while more than 60 women have also been financially empowered.

After the foundation was started by Rabi Pirzada, now a brand for ‘Abaya’ has also been introduced under the name of ‘Haya Bai Rabi’,  which is not only Pakistani women but also it has Middle Eastern style Abayas which are elegant and fashionable in different colors and designs.

In addition, other items, including rosaries and prayer mats, were offered for sale under the same brand.

She has been sharing all the details on her Instagram.




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