Raging Riot and chanting in Budget meeting

During the budget speech in the National Assembly, by the Minister of State for Revenue, Hamad Azhar, the opposition members severely opposed and the National Assembly looked like a fish market. During this time, opposition members chanted ‘Go Imran Go’ and ‘Go Niazi Go’.

According to the report, in the budget meeting in National Assembly, during Prime Minister’s speech, the opposition was chanting so loud that it became difficult to hear the speech. When Hamad Azhar begin his speech, opposition members stood up from their seats and started protesting. During the budget speech, the opposition members stood in front of the Speaker Dice on which the government members arose from their seats and stood in front of the Prime Minister so that they could avoid any misfortune.

Some opposition members tied the black stripes on their arms and had play cards in their hands. The opposition members also disguised the budget copies, but during this noise and uproar, Minister of State for revenue Hamad Azhar presented the budget and did not suffer any kind of pressure.

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