Religious Intolerance: How is one country fixing this rising problem?


Ever wondered which religion is the best from around the world? No matter what an individual believes, religion is one topic that always demands an objective view. We cannot consider our religion to be the greatest and look down upon other faiths. 

Islam is one such religion that teaches us to be tolerant and accepting towards people and other religions. Although it is most usually maligned by international media (usually Western sources), Islam is a religion of peace that advocates that Muslims respect other religions to maintain the sanctity and honour of Islam, the Quranic verses and teachings of the Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.).

Recently, a renowned YouTube channel, Nas Daily, has briefly touched on the topic of religious tolerance which is unfortunately becoming obsolete. In the three minutes and twenty-eight seconds long video, Nas Daily talks about the progressive step taken by the Emirates government to revitalize inter-religious relations. 

Emirates is the first Arab country and predominantly a Muslim state to take this step of establishing new standards. They are creating a welcoming environment which helps to promote peace and tolerance between people belonging to different religions. 

The video addresses how in this Muslim country there are approximately forty-five churches, one Gurdwara, a Mormon temple and an under construction Synagogue for the Jewish worshipers which are apart from the mosques for Muslim residents. They further highlight that pork and alcohol are not halal for Muslims, the authorities allow their non-Muslim residents the opportunity to eat both and drink alcohol, however, such activities are stopped during the times of five basic prayers in respect of Islam and Muslim worshipers.

The video serves the purpose of advocating the beautiful system that allows for Muslims and non-Muslims to live in harmony. The video stresses that no religion is better than any other because human beings need to work on tolerance and acceptance of differences. 

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