RSS and Communal riots in Sindh, Author: Azfar Jilani

(Author: Azfar Jilani) If you look into the period, from 2008 to 2013, you’ll find a surge in voices of Human rights activists in Pakistan. This was due to the increase in terrorism and extremism in the south Asian region especially Pakistan. According to the Human rights think tanks based in Asia, Hindus, in significant numbers, migrated from Pakistan in that period.

Hindus who migrated from Pakistan, complained that they feel insecure in Pakistan. This forced them to migrate to India. Those who migrated, believed, migrating to India could bring them ease of living as the Govt of India promised them but what happened to them after migration was even worse.

A family of 6, living in Delhi, migrated from Pakistan in 2013, now complains of being treated as a ‘helpless refugee’. They complain of having no food, no electricity and no medicines.

“We came here to live a good life but what we got here are just promises”, says the guardian of the Hindu family living in Delhi.

“We have no option except going back to Pakistan”.

There are more families in Delhi who are living in similar conditions, he added.

Hundreds of Hindus living in refugee camps in different parts of India deprived of almost every facility they were promised by Indian govt when they came to India. Even in India, huge number of Hindus especially low caste are living in uncertainty.

The Hindu extremist organization, RSS, has been in contact with the families who have migrated from Pakistan. RSS has been raising funds in India for such families but the plight of refugees did not improve.

RSS has started influencing such Hindus and arranging a program of training for them.

Aim of this training program is to induct migrated Hindus into RSS and send them back to Pakistan and ‘use’ them for different purposes such as creating communal riots and law and order situation. On the other hand, there are news of Hindu refugees who left Pakistan earlier, started coming back.

India does not tolerate the presence of foreign-funded NGOs on its soil but that rule evidently does not seem to be applying on RSS.

 A report published in 2002, titled “The Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF and the American Funding of  of Hindutva”,together by a group called ‘The Campaign To Stop Funding Hate’,revealed the hidden facts, how the – India Development and Relief Fund – a charity based in the US state of Maryland, was Azfarpouring funds to Extremist institutions working in India.

It claimed that the IDRF had been able to send more than 3 million USD to Hindu extremist institutions in seven years before the date when report was published.

RSS can be seen running campaigns on ground as well as the social media. They collect money from general public in India to fund Hindus in Pakistan. The same Hindus that were inducted in RSS when they were in Indian refugee camps. I have already spoke about how RSS is breeding extremism in the schools being run by Vidya Bharti (education wing of RSS) in my previous commentary. But the irony is they couldn’t help the Hindus that had migrated to India from Pakistan.

Source: Azfar Jilani, an author from Karachi, writes about Security, Geo-Politics and Extremism. 

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