Saba Qamar and Azeem Khan clear rumours of sexual harassment allegations

Lahore, 29th March: Pakistan’s renowned actor Saba Qamar and her fiance Azeem Khan break silence on controversy regarding sexual harassment allegations against Khan.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, entrepreneur Azeem Khan finally spoke up about the harassment allegations levelled against him.

In a video message posted on social networking website Instagram, Khan denied the accusations, while Saba Qamar expressed her full support to him.


He said, “I really want to thank all of you for showing great support for the last two days. There were some people who said strange things and I really wanted to reply them through a video message.”

Khan added, “I only want to say one thing, what is the point of uploading statues on social media. Let’s come through a proper channel. I don’t care about Saba’s past, neither does she care about mine.”


He further expressed, “I don’t understand that why people make false accusations without knowing the fact and reality. You are ruining someone’s life just for fame. Our intentions are to purely settle down our relationship in a proper way which is ‘Nikkah’. Such people should be ashamed on what they are doing.”

Saba Qamar jumped in to support of her fiance and wrote, “I trust you!” underneath Khan’s post.

It is to be noted that last week Saba Qamar and Azeem Khan threw hints of their engagement on social media.

According to reports, soon after the announcement, Khan was alleged of sexual harassment by a woman, who wrote a letter to Saba Qamar and wrote, “I am one of those women he needlessly dragged all across social media. For what? A few likes and views?”

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