Sadiq Sanjrani takes oath amid a commotion in the House

Lahore, 12th March: PTI’s candidate Sadiq Sanjrani takes oath as the Senate Chairman after he won the elections in the Upper House today.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, Sadiq Sanjrani has taken oath as Senate chairman for the second time.

According to reports, the presiding officer in charge of Senate chairman polls on Friday convened Sadiq Sanjrani to take the oath but house members from the opposition alliance caused a commotion over wasted votes.

As the oath-taking took place, there was a ruckus in the House by Pakistan Peoples Party’s Farooq H Naik who argued against discarding seven votes which according to him could have meant a win for PDM’s candidate Yousuf Raza Gilani.

As per reports, Sanjrani today received 47 senate votes from the house while the joint-candidate from opposition alliance Gillani bagged 44 votes and about 7 votes got wasted.

Baaghi TV earlier reported that the voting for the post of Senate chairman concluded just moments ago following which the vote count began after 5 pm.

According to the presiding officer, 98 senators cast their votes to elect a new Senate chairman.

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