Saif Ali Khan reveals secret to a successful life

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has revealed the secret of a successful married life with his wife acclaimed Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor.

In an interview, Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan said, “I am not on any social media, but I still have a mobile habit and I get tired of using it. But I never forbade Kareena from using social media, she herself is a great woman and knows what she should do.”

“I have always given Kareena space. I never tell her what she should and shouldn’t do because, for a successful married life, both husband and wife should not interfere in each other’s work,” he added.

During the interview, when Saif Ali Khan was asked if he could be considered to be the fourth khan after Bollywood’s famous three Khans, the actor said that the family names of the four may be the same but they are completely different people in temperament.

Saif further said that said Salman Khan has been famous since his first performance, after which no matter the difficulty, he did not look back. When it came to King Khan, the actor said that Shah Rukh Khan is like the emperor of the industry.

He said that Shah Rukh Khan is a passionate actor and that he sees the world in a different way. “I am completely different compared to them,” he said. Regarding Aamir Khan, he said that Aamir is a man who looks towards the future.

Saif Ali Khan said, “I think I’ve made a career with dignity and I’m proud of myself. I’m different from the three of them. But they should really be in the same bracket because they are the people who have conquered cinema.”

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