Sajid Javed joins race for leadership in Tory party.

Pakistani-origin  British citizen Sajid Javed has also joined race for leadership in Tory Party to lead the country.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, Sajid Javed has also joined the race for the leadership to lead the Tory party. Sajid Javed is a son of a bus driver. He was born in Rochdale. He has served as a Managing Director of Reutsche Bank  in the past as well. He was appointed as Home minister last year. He has also served as minister for housing, local government in the past.

The seat fell vacant after the resignation of British PM Theresa May , who announced her resignation last week , as she will leave Ten Downing street on 7th June this year.  Following her resignation , there started a race in ruling Conservative party to lead the country and steer the country out of the crisis which has been created due to the ill handling of the Brexit deal by Theresa May.


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