Salman Khan gets bitten by a snake


Baaghi TV: According to Indian media, Salman Khan was bitten by a snake in his farmhouse on Sunday morning, after which he was rushed to a private hospital in Navi Mumbai.

Fortunately, the snake that bit Salman was not venomous. Salman Khan was discharged from the hospital after treatment and was currently not resting at home.

Salman Khan, whose 56th birthday is in his farmhouse at the moment, it seems that the snake bite incident took place in the garden of his farmhouse. Salman Khan’s farmhouse is very big and is located in a forest area which has a lot of animals, plants and birds.

According to Indian media reports, at the time of the accident, Salman was sitting with his friends gossiping when suddenly Salman felt a sting in his arm and shook his hand. At the same time, a friend of his saw a snake which then panicked and began to cry for help.

Salman Khan was immediately rushed to hospital where he remained for 6 to 7 hours. After medical aid he was shifted back to his farmhouse.

Reports also say that Salman Khan has seen many snakes around his farmhouse and he has instructed the caretaker of his farmhouse to be careful while this is the first time that he has been bitten by a snake. Is cut

Sources said that Salman Khan had gone to his farmhouse to celebrate his 56th birthday.

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