Salman Khan turns an angel for Rakhi Sawant

Lahore, 19th April: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is always the one to reach out to people especially his colleagues in time of need.

This time Salman Khan helped his friend and actress Rakhi Sawant after she informed him that her mother is suffering from cancer.

As per reports, last year, Khan saved the life of choreographer and director Remo de Souza.

Actress Dia Mirza also told how Salman Khan had saved the happiness of her family. Dia said that one night her mother suddenly fell ill and when she called Salman Khan, he took her mother to the hospital.

Rakhi Sawant recently revealed that her mother has cancer, soon after the news, Salman Khan came out to help her.

However, according to the latest news, Salman Khan is helping in Rakhi’s mother’s surgery for the disease. Khan is financing the operation for her mother.

Before being taken to the hospital for the operation, Rakhi’s mother thanked Salman Khan.

Rakhi Sawant shared a video on her Instagram in which her mother said that ‘we used to pray that if we don’t have money then what will we do, will I die like this but God sent Salman Khan as an angel for me’.

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