Same Sex Marriage Between A Pakistani And Indian Girl

We live in a time where the progress is not just in the field of science and technology but progress in societal fronts can be seen too. Same Sex marriages are allowed in some parts of the world but the question is has the general public accepted it or not?

We generally don’t hear about Muslim gays or lesbians not because they don’t exist but because of religious strictness which does not allow such relationships and people don’t open about them much. However, we have a couple, going viral nowadays because of the two different religions and countries they belong to.

Sundas Malik a Pakistani Muslim and Anjali Chakra an Indian Hindu their couple photo-shoot and marriage is the main highlight. Sundas Malik is a Pakistani artist. Their picture was released by their photographer in New York on Twitter which said :”A New York love story.”

In sometime the pictures went viral and had numerous comments. While the two tied knot starting a new chapter of life as married couple.


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