Sarah Khan Once Slapped a Director


Sarah Khan who is one of the most decent and rectified actresses of the media industry. Her foremost recognition is that the starlet does not wear revealing clothes. The Sabat actress is extremely gorgeous and equally talented. No doubt that Sarah Khan is one of the most respected actresses in Pakistan.

In one of her interviews Sarah shared a shocking incident of slapping a director. Sarah Khan said that she was in her make up room with the director and she slapped him. Later, she realized that she is alone in the room and no one will get to know that she slapped the director, so she went out screamed and then slapped the director in front of everyone.

The actress narrated the reason of slapping.  Sarah Khan said that the director asked her out for a movie, Sarah obviously refused but when the director tried to hold her hand she slapped him.


Reportedly the actress used to date a very rich family bachelor. Once the guy’s family got to know of their relationship they sent the young man to London to look after his family business there in order to keep him away from the actress. It must be remembered that the starlet after that dated the actor Agha Ali, who recently got married.


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