Saudi Arabia calls Global Community for safe Water Supply

Saudi Arabia’s cabinet has demanded international community after the attacks on oil vessels in Gulf Oman to take steps to safeguard the waterways in the region.

According to the report, the Saudi cabinet cited the decisive move to ensure the safety of water supply in the region, despite the risks related to the energy market and the global economy.

A few days ago in Gulf Oman, two oil vessels were targeted through missiles. These attacks were carried out in the international waters, on which a fire broke out in some parts of a ship.

The United States and the United Kingdom held Iran responsible for the attacks on oil vessels in Gulf Oman, but Iran denied all the allegations. Last month, four oil vessels were attacked in the same area, two of which were from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s Vice-President, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, has clearly stated that he would not avoid any move to deal with threats to Saudi Arabia.

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