Serena Essa, wife of Justice Qazi demands an apology from former Attorney General

Lahore, 9th May: Serena Essa, wife of Supreme Court Judge Qazi Faiz Essa has demanded an apology from the former Attorney General.

According to details, Serena Essa has written a letter to former Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan in which she demanded an apology from him.

The text of the letter said that the former Attorney General made allegations against Mrs. Essa during an interview on a YouTube channel.

Serena Essa, in her letter further, alleged that the Attorney General had insulted the decision of the Supreme Court which came a few days ago. The letter further stated that he did not dare to appear before the Supreme Court during the hearing.

Mrs. Essa asked Anwar Mansoor Khan why did he defame and malign her. She also said that she is capable of responding to his lies.

She said that his lies had sent her father to his grave broken-hearted. She urged the former Attorney General to show some decency and put lies to rest.

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