Thursday, September 28

Shaan Has A Message For PM Khan

LAHORE (12th Oct, 2019): Renowned Pakistani actor, Shaan Shahid has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to shut down the culture ministry.

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According to details, Shaan Shahid on Fiday took to Twitter and requested Imran Khan to shut down the culture ministry as it is not promoting art and culture.

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He wrote “Dear PM Imran Khan, the culture ministry has done nothing to promote art and culture. Please shut down the ministry as it is just artistic bureaucracy getting paid hold them accountable as art and culture are nowhere to be seen.”

Social media users also seems happy with the request made by Shaan Shahid, one of the user wrote “Government of Imran Khan should take action and do something for industry Mr shan shahid is an amazing actor and a patriot Pakistani he always stand with Pakistan for the betterment.”

Another user wrote “Dear PM Sir please support Sir shaan Shahid move to protect industry. We have to confront our enemy on art front also to show the world the what truth is, our enemies spreading lies and false about us through art.”

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