Sheikh Rashid Claims Pakistan will ‘Exterminate’ India if War is Imposed

Rawalpindi (29th Aug, 2019): Railway Minister, Sheikh Rashid has stated that while Pakistan does not want war, if it is imposed on us, Pakistan will annihilate India. 

According to reports, Sheikh Rashid, Railway Minister for Pakistan has come forward to state that Pakistan will not back down in front of India. Addressing the media personnel outside of district headquarters hospital he stated that “we are not desirous of war. But if it is imposed then we will exterminate India”.

He continued to express his sentiments that the Kashmir issue will be resolved under leadership of PM Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff, Gen Bajwa. He further stated that he he is set to visit the borders of Kashmir on the 10th of Muharram adding that the Kashmir issue needs to be “resolved at every cost”.

Moreover, with regards to claims of war, Minister Sheikh Rashid added, that they are his personal views. He went on to say that the freedom war for Kashmir has been initiated and that Pakistan will not rest till Kashmir is liberated from Indian oppression.


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