Singer Farhad Humayun granted stay against Coca Cola


Lahore, 19th  November: Singer Farhad Humayun has been granted stay against the giant soft drink company Coca Cola.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, Farhad Humayun had served a legal notice to the Coca Cola company for plagiarising his music in one of their recent commercials.

Last month the soft drink manufacturers had seemingly copied Humayun’s version of ‘Neray Aah’, a 2011 release, for their recent commercial.

Dawn Images reported on Oct 23rd that the Pakistani singer and record producer Farhad Humayun popularly known for his association with the drum-jam band Overload is suing Coca Cola for infringement of his intellectual property rights.

In their recent advertisement ‘Coke and Music,’ the carbonated soft drink manufacturers have plagiarised Humayun’s version of Neray Aah, a 2011 release.

Images also reported that from the distinct vocalisation to the guitar, rhythm, tempo, music and vocal melody, the broadcast is part of Coca Cola’s social media teasers across popular mediums such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

The actual song by the singer in 2011 was:

According to sources, the TV commercial by Coke has been removed from YouTube and other social media platforms as of now.

“The blatant infringement of Farhad Humayun’s content by Coca Cola is a great disappointment as the corporation professes to champion the efforts of the local music industry but has acted otherwise. The artist has, therefore, been forced to seek justice through legal channels,” revealed his team in a conversation with Images.

According to the recent report of Baaghi TV, the court has granted a stay against the soft drink manufacturers by all Intellectual Property Rights Tribunal Lahore, for infringing the copyright of Farhad Humayun’s composition of his song in the recent commercial.

Respondents are restrained from using, exhibiting and displaying the song ‘Neray Aah’ on any/all print, digital or social media platforms in any manner whatsoever.

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