Sinopharm,Sinovac, and Astrazeneca became rare in Karachi

Sinopharm,Sinovac, and Astrazeneca became rare in Karachi

Corona vaccine Sinopharm,Sinovac, and Astrazeneca became rare in Karachi.

According to the health department, the vaccine is not available at Expo Center, Ojha Hospital, Sindh Government Children’s Hospital, while the supply of vaccine is also suspended at several centers including New Karachi, Liaquatabad, Khaliq Dina, and Lyari.

Officials claim that the first dose of Sinopharm, Sinovac, and AstraZeneca vaccine is not being administered to the public, and that while there are a few doses of the vaccine available for the second dose, the majority of individuals are receiving the moderna vaccine.

On the other side, the number of people seeking vaccinations at Expo Center, New Karachi, and Korangi No. 5 has significantly decreased.

Officials believe the vaccination will take at least a week to arrive, and because of the increase in drive-through and centers, consumers are resorting to surrounding centers.

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