Social media users highly displeased by Facebook and its biased actions

Lahore, 19th May: The worldwide famous social networking website Facebook is now being considered biased for its users around the world.

The users are showing dissatisfaction over the biased policies of this social network.

According to recent reports, it has come under observation that Facebook is supporting the Western World and content and pages created by them.

While, on the other hand, it is said that it is automatically deleting the content shared by other regions like Asia and specifically Muslims.

It has been reported that the content shared by Asians or the people from the Middle East which is not liked by the Western world automatically gets deleted by Facebook.

However, on social media platforms, everyone has equal rights to voice their expressions and share their opinions and everyone should get equal rights to post legal content under the given terms and conditions.

According to sources, Facebook is being disliked by many users over such actions. The users are now rating the Facebook app with one star on Google Playstore.

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